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  Accomplishing with ease what other tourist destinations such as Las Vegas and New York have been trying to achieve for decades, the great state of Florida had a little something for everyone. From breathtaking natural beauty, to happening nightlife for the young or young-at-heart crowd, to romantic getaways for honeymooners, to wild theme parks for families with children, to exciting adventures for empty-nesters and retirees who are just now beginning to realize their travel dreams, Florida is sure to please no matter what type of vacation you seek.  
  Glimpse into the past…  
  With hundreds of miles of beach and world-famous locations such as the Everglades and Key West, Florida is the perfect destination for any nature buff looking to enjoy the diverse and beautiful sites that Florida has to offer, all within miles of each other. Those many beaches, located on both the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico coasts, make Florida a popular destination for students looking to relax on spring break, or newlyweds looking to experience a warm and wonderful honeymoon.  
  The Everglades, second only to Yellowstone among the largest US national parks, welcomes visitors from all over the world from its home in South Florida. Offering a wide variety of tropical flora, fauna, and wildlife, the Everglades presents you with a glimpse into the landscape that Ponce de Leon and other explorers first experienced when they landed in Florida in the 1500’s. And for an experience that is closer to the “real Florida” as deemed by Florida residents, Myakka State Park offers canoeing, kayaking, and airboat tours though its opaque blankets of wooded scenery.  
  Got kids? Ain’t Florida got fun!  
  Another aspect of Florida that brings in tourists by the millions from around the world is its theme parks and attractions. Orlando and its surrounding area is inhabited by the ubiquitous Disney franchise, Universal Studios, and Sea World, while the Tampa area offers Busch Gardens, and the Space Coast is the home of the Kennedy Space Center. From plastic mouse ears and ducks without pants, to roller coasters that will have your spleen in your throat and your lunch on the ground, to zoos and aquariums with animals not otherwise seen anywhere in this hemisphere, to the heart-stopping experience of seeing a space shuttle launch live and in person, it is no wonder that families travel by the vanload to Florida each and every year.  
  On a more subdued note, there are many places to visit on Florida that are still family-friendly, but might also afford you a less crowded, more distinctive experience. St. Augustine, for example, provides old world charm with unique restaurants and quaint hotels, and a trip here is a bit like going to Europe while being able to stay on this side of the pond. Indeed, as the oldest remaining city in the US, this locale retains its history and grace, while offering the kiddies entertainment as well with Potter’s Wax Museum and Ripley’s Believe It or Not. And for you baseball fans out there, don’t forget that Florida is the home to the spring training to dozens of professional teams, who can be seen here for a fraction of the cost of an in-season game.  
  Eat, Drink, and Be Merry  
  After a day taking in the sites at the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, the Holocaust Memorial in Miami, the home of the late Gianni Versace, or simply lazing away on the hot sand, there is nothing like Florida nightlife to make a vacation memorable. With delicious food and drinks as well as sinful clubs and discos, days under the Florida sun can’t compare to nights under its secretive moon.  
  Being located in the southern United States, but across the gulf from Louisiana and only a stone’s throw away from Cuba and other Latin countries, Florida finds itself at the crossroads of a delightful area on the culinary map. You can find everything from barbecued alligator to a medianoche sandwich, with gumbo and fresh, still-wiggling-that-morning seafood somewhere in between. The drinks are as diverse as the food—be sure to try a Mojito, the Cuban concoction featuring rum and fresh mint, that has fortunately found its way stateside. While nearly every Florida city and town has its own party district, perhaps one of the most famous is the Miami-South Beach area. This area features clubs that cater to any music lover, whether they favor Latin music, rock, hip-hop, or jazz and R&B.  
  These suggestions are just a few of the possibilities for your trip to Florida—in addition to the more popular destinations, try some of the places that are off the beaten path, and sample the locals, the culture, and the history that makes this state such a unique and wonderful part of the US map.  
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