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  Hawaii Tourist Attractions By Water, Land and Air  
  The alluring Aloha of Hawaii invites millions of savvy travelers to visit every year. As you step off the plane, you are welcomed to Pacific paradise with the scent of tropical flowers and breathtaking views of majestic mountains, sapphire seas and lush rain forests. The heavenly Hawaiian islands are not just a scenic delight but an adventurous destination filled with incredible natural wonders and rich cultural history.  
  Each of the Hawaiian islands has its own unique wildlife, fauna, history and atmosphere and all of them welcome exploration by water, land and air. Because of rugged terrain and diversity of the islands, you can see Hawaii tourist attractions you may never otherwise experience by taking tours on foot or bike, by boat, in a submarine and in a helicopter.  
  Magnificent Maui  
  There are over 81 beaches in Maui with a shoreline over 120 miles long. Famous celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey are so impressed with magnificent Maui they purchase their own Hawaiian homes in paradise. Other Maui visitors include over 3,000 humpback whales every year, which make this an ideal destination to go whale watching in a charter boat or submarine. For seafaring folk, a charter boat gives you an opportunity to view whales, sea turtles, dolphins and other sea life while you feel the salt spray against your lips. You may even choose to have a dolphin encounter and go snorkeling under the crystal Maui waters. If you prefer to stay dry and comfortable, you can experience the wonder of the whales up close when you go on an underwater submarine tour.  
  If you want to stay on land and find out more about sea life, you can visit the Maui Ocean Center. At the center, you will get to view the nation's largest tropical reef aquarium without ever stepping off solid ground. For a waterfront experience, visit one of the many gorgeous beaches in the untamed area of South Maui, such as Big Beach and Little Beach. Big Beach features jade waters, white sands on a beach 100 feet wide and 3,000 feet long. Big Beach is separated from Little Beach by a volcanic cinder cone, Pu'u Ola'i and clothing is optional at pristine Little Beach.  
  For those who prefer to view Maui from a helicopter, make sure to spot the infamous Haleakala crater during your journey over turquoise lagoons and emerald valleys. When you get back on land, visit the dormant Haleakala Volcano at Haleakala National Park.  
  Captiving Kauai  
  Captivating Kauai is better known as the island of discovery in Hawaii because of the all interesting Hawaii tourist attractions. With over 69 beaches, there are unlimited ocean adventures such as scuba diving, surfing, waterskiing, windsurfing, snorkeling, dolphin encounters and whale watching. You can appreciate the green palisades of the Napali Coast in a kayak or catamaran or take a boat up the Wailua River to the Fern Grotto.  
  Waimea is known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific and you can reach it on coastal hikes, mountain bike tours, all-terrain vehicles and motor bike tours. Going to Waimea on horseback will give you a chance to visit canyons, forests and mountains and even take a waterfall swim. Another great way to view Waimea is by helicopter, where you can enjoy all the fauna visually rather than physically.  
  Additionally, Golf Digest has rated Kauai as a golfer's paradise because it is home to five of the top courses in Hawaii, including Kauai Lagoons Golf Club and Princeville Golf Club.  
  Beautiful Big Island  
  Big Island Hawaii is actually divided by three volcanoes, the Mauna Loa, the Hualalai and the Mauna Kea. The calm, leeward section of Hawaii is called Kona, which is famous for colorful sunsets, snorkeling, sportfishing and delicious coffee. The area of two seas called Kailua has trickier currents and invites activities such as surfing and parasailing.  
  There are several marathons that take place in Kailua-Kona for biking, swimming and running, making it an ideal destination to explore by land. Big Island Hawaii is a historic place and should should definitely check out Kealakekua Bay, the Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park and the Hulihe'e Palace.  
  Alluring Oahu  
  More than 4.5 million people visit alluring Oahu annually. One of the major attractions in Oahu is the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial and the Pearl Harbor site. You can visit this famous destination by helicopter, water and submarine to get various views of this historical place.  
  Taking a helicopter tour to view the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial will give you the opportunity to get a bird's eye view of the extinct Diamond Head Volcano, Nuuanu Pali and the tropical rain forests made famous by television shows and movies such as Lost, Jurassic Park, Gilligan's Island and Magnum PI.  
  Back on land, there are outstanding golf courses in Oahu that have hosted PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour events such as Turtle Bay, the only 36-hole course on the island. Families will enjoy the Polynesian Cultural Center, where you can learn more about local customs, and the exciting Honolulu Zoo.  
  Water activities are abundant in Oahu, with Waikiki beach considered to be the most photographed, famous beach in the world. One of America's best beaches according to “Dr Beach” (Stephen Leatherman, Ph.D) is delightful Haunama Bay, which also has its own Nature Preserve. Just north of Haunama Bay is the Halona Blowhole, an underwater lava tube that naturally blows streams of water into the air. To the right is Haiona Beach Cove, otherwise referred to as Cockroach Cove, the site of the love scene between Deborah Kerr and Burt Lancaster in From Here to Eternity.  
  No matter where you are in Pacific paradise, there are unlimited Hawaii tourist attractions to visit and create memories that will last a lifetime.  
  Thank you to Stacey Doyle for this “ Hawaii Tourist Attractions” article.  
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